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Public statement on the events in Manchester

Unity statement

Standing Together

Like Manchester, Hackney is a community proud of its diversity. People with heritages from all over the world live here harmoniously, respecting and celebrating our differences.

While we are all too aware that hate incidents have occurred in our community and from time to time distrust can arise, on the whole we are proud of being an inclusive community.

Hackney is a place where all are welcome – old, young, gay, straight, disabled, or not – whatever our ethnicity or religion. We believe that everyone has the opportunity to make a positive contribution.

In the words of Jo Cox MP, murdered a year ago, we have learnt that we have ‘far more in common with each other than the things that divide us’ Tragically she was killed for expressing those views.

We are deeply shocked by the atrocious murders in Manchester on 22 May and we send our solidarity, our tears, and our sympathy to the friends and families of the victims of the attack, as well as our best wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured.

The aim of the violent extremists is to divide us, one against another, stirring up conflict, and inciting anger and hatred between innocent neighbours.

We affirm our determination to stand together against those who promote hatred and division. In particular, we pledge to speak out and act together against hate speech and hate crimes.

We commit to discovering deep and meaningful friendships that defy the artificial divisions that the killers are trying to create.

We appeal to all Hackney people to add their names to this statement, and if you can, to join us, and more than 70 community groups, for the #hackneymoreincommon event at Hackney Community College on Saturday 17 June

Initial signatories:

Hackney Unites
North London Muslim Community Centre
The Methodist Church in Hackney and Stoke Newington
Volunteer Centre Hackney
Hackney Ecumenical Borough Deans Group
Hackney Law Centre
Narinder Moss (Moss and co solicitors)
Anja Beinroth
Thomas Lowenstein
Bronwen Jones
Andrew Harrison
Peter Green
David King
Nic Lee
Councillors, Emma Plouviez, Ian Sharer, Nick Sharman, Ned Hercock, Caroline Selman, Yvonne Maxwell, Rebecca Rennison, Ian Rathbone, and Michael Desmond

To add your name, or that of your organisation, to this statement, please click here

We are a local non-party political, broad coalition of organisations and individuals with a commitment to social justice and equality.

The coalition believes that all the residents and tenants of Hackney deserve and are entitled to be able to play a full and equal role in the development of their borough; and to receive equal benefit from and access to any and all resources available. Local communities are encouraged and supported to get organised so that they can play a role in determining the development of their neighbourhood and address their issues of concern in a way that they think most empowers them.

On 17 June help us celebrate the legacy of murdered MP Jo Cox, as we celebrate with a #hackneymoreincommon event

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